Guide To Early Poptropica

Early Poptropica is the very first island to appear in Poptropica. On it, the islands earliest residers ask you to help them locate 3 poached things: a swine, a bucket, and a signal flag.

Appearance in Early Poptropica

When you climb down from the blimp, you ‘ll find yourself on Main Street. You can walk inside the Pop Art Museum to browse a number of different paintings and talk with some famous artists. Meet other players inside the two multi-player rooms: the Soda Pop Shop and the Arcade.

If you are itching to begin your explorations, you can first try jumping up the Water Tower. The Signal Flag that you need to retrieve for the Early Poptropicans is way up at the top but it’s not accessible yet. You ‘ll also see an open manhole. Before you go down into that dark hole, you’re going to need something to help navigate down there. It’s spooky and dark inside that hole and some light will really help.

The Old Part of Town

Go right on Main Street to get to Early Poptropica. Here’s where you ‘ll find the first occupants of Early Poptropica. After you talk with each of the inhabitants, you ‘ll discover that three things have been stolen: a pig, a flag and a bucket for their well.

This is where you ‘ll be able to pick up a handy glow stick. You can find the Glow Stick up in the top left part of the area, which you can reach by jumping from platform to platform. Grab the Glow Stick and it will go into your backpack.

Back to the Beginning

Now that you have the Glow Stick, it’s time to explore that manhole. Jump down to the very bottom. You don’t really need to avoid the spiders here. Keep falling all the way to the very bottom. You ‘ll land just fine. Then hop over the green spider and move straight away to get the prized porker. Touch the pig to add it to your inventory. You might be tempted to exit the manhole now, but there’s more to be found down there. Get past the green spider again and enter the tunnel on your left.

Because you have the glow stick, you ‘ll be able to navigate your way through the dark passages. When you find a rope, go up. Keep climbing until you locate the Golden Egg. As you go, you ‘ll see a few clues written on the wall to let you know if you’re going the right way. When you find the Golden Egg, touch it to add it to your items.

After you get the Egg, travel upward to find an exit, and you ‘ll find yourself in front of Poptropica Towers.

Taking a Peek at the Towers

So now you have the Pig, but you still need the Bucket and the Flag. Since you’re at Poptropica Towers, you want to begin exploring the city street lined with tall buildings. Jump to the ledge of the first building on the right and climb up to the rooftop. Travel from building top to building top, bouncing off clotheslines to help you. When you reach the blue building, climb to the very top, which looks like a rooftop restaurant. Next go up the vine.

Land of the Purple Giant

You ‘ll soon find yourself way up in the clouds above Poptropica. Head right until you see a huge pair of giant’s feet. Click on them to talk to the giant. He will accept your Golden Egg as payment to enter his vegetable garden. You’ll find the bucket among the enormous veggies.

Navigating the Airplane Graveyard

Continue moving right until you find the Aircraft Graveyard. You can not use some of the airplanes right here, however, if you look meticulously, you will find a Jet Pack. This is simply what you must get to high places– like the top of the Water Tower, where the Signal Flag is waiting for you.

Get back to Main Street as soon as possible. Next, use the Jet Pack to fly to the top of the Water Tower. To fly, move your cursor until you see a green up-arrow. Hold your mouse button down to move up. Now move left or right. When you reach the top of the tower, click on the Flag to add it to your items.

Make Your Deliveries

The three missing items are now all in your posession. Head back to Early Poptropica. (You can fly if you want to, but you will have to walk between Main Street and Early Poptropica.)

Talk to all the three settlers who were lacking items. When you do, the things shall be taken from your Inventory and returned to their former owners. Once you return the Signal Flag, a boat will reach the boat dock. Consult the person on the boat, and he will reward you with an Early Poptropica Medallion. Great job!