Learning New Skills with Code Academy

I’ve been using Code Academy for a while now and figured maybe I should post about it. I’ve been taking several of the courses to learn to programming languages and skills. I sometimes use it to brush up on things I haven’t done in a while.

The courses are divided into a few main categories, such as Web Development, Languages, Tools, APIs, and Data Analytics. I spend most of my time in the Languages section where you can learn HTML, Javascript, Python, Ruby, SQL and PHP. It would be nice if they would add support for mobile development languages and tools, but it’s still a really good selection.

This is a kind-of cheesy video about how one guy used Code Academy to transform his career. Like I said, kind of cheesy but still pretty good example of why programming skills are so important.


Planking for Fun

I don’t usually post about fitness and other exercise topics because, well, I hate exercise. For me the act of exercise is usually getting up out of my chair and grabbing another Mountain Dew.

But lately I’ve been trying out planking. I think I love it because it’s so simple in concept but so very, very hard to do for a long time. I’m pushing myself to see how long I can maintain a decent plank posture.

So far I am only at 3 minutes. But I’m aiming for 5 minutes and then maybe 10 if I get really good.

These guys totally have it down. Daily Scrum updates where you have to be in plank position the whole time. Lol.


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A Few WinRAR Tips

WinRAR is among the most popular compressing software packages out there. It is used to reduce the size of files allowing you to send big file over e-mail or file sharing service that is popular. WinRAR is similar to WinZip but with added functionality. In this place I’m putting my hands down on expertise which can help you to understand the best way to use WinRAR in a way that is productive.

I’ve written about WinRAR before and I love this tool!

Get More Compression

Need to squeeze even more compression than standard out of WinRAR? To compress your files and folders follow below steps:

  • Right click in your file and choose “Add to archive…” from context menu. A dialog box will appear.
  • In General tab and in “Compression Approach” dropdown menu, select “Greatest”.
  • Click on Advanced tab then click on “Compression” button. Innovative Compression Parameters dialog box will appear.
  • In Prediction Sequence sort 63 and in and In Text Compression section select Force Memory to use sort 128. Click Ok.

Using this approach will get you almost 10% more compression for your archive files.

Empower Explorer-like View

Single pane view is the default view, using you will need to keep shifting folders one by one to reach your file. But there’s a simple method. On the winrar interface, goto Options “>> Folder Tree >> Show Disc Folder”. This will give you an explorer-like window and choosing the file is not difficult now.

Empower Detail View

We should see the details from time to time although by default, you’ll get to see list. Goto Options “>> File List >> Details”

Preview the Time and the Compression It Is Going To Choose

This an extremely unique characteristic of Winrar. In case you’ve got a folder construction that is huge to zip, how do you understand much Winrar will take it to compress and how much it can be compressed. Winrar has an in-built functionality which can enable you to locate that.

  • Choose one or multiple file which you need to compress on the winrar look for an “Info” Tab.
  • That Clicks and you’ll get another window with 4 tabs.
  • The first tab features an “Estimate Button”. The tool will let you know how long will it take to compress and how much your information can be compressed in percent.

This is incredibly useful as it’ll save lots of time of yours instead of waiting it to end and sitting.

Split Files into Smaller Bits

What would you do if the compaction measurement lets you know that more than 90% Can’t be compressed and size is too large either to meet on cd or email. Winrar acts more than a compression tool. Here is the way you can use it to divide.

  • Select a file or folder you need to divide.
  • Right files to archive files”
  • a tab opens you should locate “Divide to file, bytes” drop down menu that’s present at the lower part.
  • Either you can input tha value in bytes or choose a predefined format like, 1.44 Mb floppy, CD Rom, DVD or even auto discover. The auto detect feature can assess split files and the destination space according to that.
  • Archive it. You’ll see a list of files created which are according to your demand.

Make a Self Extracting Archive File

The worst or its a general issue that if I send you a winrar you mightn’t have the exact same applications have any compression program.

What can you do? Easy, You can create a self extracting archive file that’ll behave like the softwares which get installed in one measure.

  • Click on Existing file make and you need to compress the usual archive file.
  • Now choose the archive file you just made, “Go to Tools “>> Convert archive to SFX”
    While you can simply request it to make an SFX One more way is.