The Mighty Lava Hound in Clash Royale

He’s big and slow, but he flies and breathes fire. If for no other reason that that, I love the Lava Hound in Clash Royale.

The Lava Hound is unlocked from the P. E. K. K. A’s Playhouse ( Market 4).

It is a building-targeting, short-ranged, soaring troop with very high hit points and low damage. Upon death, it bursts into 6 spread out Lava Pups, which have no preferred target and deal the same damage as the Lava Hound but have much lower hit points.

It only attacks buildings, has high hitpoints and splits into smaller devices, similar to the Golem. The only exclusion is that the Lava Pups assault anything while the Golemites only assault buildings.

The Lava Hound appears to be a flying, burning rock beast with an underbite, short wings, small rocky dog ears, and small limbs. A Lava Hound cards costs 7 Elixir to deploy.

The Lava Hound is a good air tank with high hitpoints, so it is most beneficial used as a shield for air troops with higher damage like Minions, Mega Minion and the Inferno Dragon. It’s ineffective to use the Lava Hound as a shield for ground troops, as the challenger can ignore the Lava Hound and counter the ground troops.

Sending the Lava Hound alone is futile unless your opponent completely ignores it.

The Lava Pups cannot deal very much damage without a tank, so a Knight or Miner or Hog Rider could tank them long enough to take a Crown Tower. The hound tanks for the Knight, Miner, or Hog Rider then they return prefer by tanking for its pups.

If timed correctly, a Zap can hit and stun all its pups. You need to zap the hound just as it dies. Arrows are a much better alternate as they have less room for error and kills all the pups.

Pairing the Lava Hound with Lightning is a good option since it will cripple an Inferno Tower and take out high-damage but low-hitpoint defensive units such as Wizards, Musketeers, and Mega Minions.

Tornado with Executioner is very effective in destroying the Lava Hound and its support troops. The Tornado brings all the troops to the same spot so the Executioner can hit all of them at once.

The LavaLoon is a popular strategy where the Lava Hound tanks for a Balloon while it wreaks havoc on towers.

However , this strategy is very easily countered if the troops have no support, as the Balloon can be damaged before the Lava Hound. For example, the Minion Horde can simply destroy the Balloon before it deals damage to the tower and proceed to destroy the Lava Hound.

It can also be easily defeated by the Wizard. Place the Wizard correctly so that he targets the Balloon. When the Balloon dies, support the Wizard with other troops to finish off the Lava Hound and its pups.

Like the Golem, the Lava Hound does little damage on its own, less than that of the Golem. Offensively, support it with high-damaging devices that can use the Lava Hound as a meat shield.

The Inferno Tower is an excellent counter to the Lava Hound, as it deals high damage to the Lava Hound while it doesn’t take much damage from the Hound in return. Back the tower up with a Musketeer or use Arrows to finish off the Lava Pups.

Despite this, the Lava Hound may not be powerless. Send Minions to distract/ ruin the Inferno Tower and the Musketeer. This will allow the Lava Hound to continue its job!

Zap may also help with working with the Inferno Tower since its stun effect will make it retarget the Minions, as well as resetting its damage. However , the Inferno Tower will not stop a Lava Hound + Balloon drive by itself if the challenger uses Zap or Snow Spirit.

If the Lava Hound is combined with another tank, the targeted Crown Tower will likely target the other tank after killing the Lava Hound. If this happens, have an area damage spell ready, as the Lava Pups will spawn and deal incredible damage .

A Lava Hound is often more useful than a Golem. The Lava Hound costs less Elixir and cannot be targeted by high-damage troops like the P. E. K. K. A. or Prince while the Lava Pups have higher damage than the Golemites. The Lava Hound also has an one second deploy time as opposed to the Golem’s three second deploy time.

However , one downside in using the Lava Hound is its difficulty to obtain and upgrade because the Lava Hound is a Legendary card. Also, it cannot be targeted by troops that cannot target air – such as Barbarians, which means it cannot distract them.


Playing with Puzzle Maps on Minecraft

I have been downloading more maps lately for Minecraft. Even though I’m spending most of my time playing Minecraft PE on my iPad, I still like to download lots of maps on my desktop version and check them out.

Puzzle Maps are currently my favorite, or at least among my favorite. They are some of the best Minecraft maps available to download and play.

Building Minecraft puzzle maps could be a wonderful activity, since you build your presets for unique framework layers and distribution. However , it could be more pleasurable to use currently made maps even, since some other person did all the ongoing do the job.

By getting a Minecraft puzzle map you can obtain usage of existing structures and customizations. Using this method, in case you are not the very best Minecraft player even, you can benefit from the work of learn Minecraft graphic designers and builders still.

As an illustration, if you spent several weeks establishing upon a higher mountain range an excellent castle, in the end that building you’ll really wish to talk about it with various other players and invite them to explore your castle or also are in it. If this is actually the full case, then you can certainly just talk about that map on Minecraft community forums or upload it to a map posting site.

There aren’t only many Minecraft-loving gamers who like sharing and building, but whole teams of Minecraft maps designers and builders also. They spend hundreds of hours in map creation activities collectively.

The wonder of custom map downloading is that you will get the formula for the property of a map when anyone shares a seed with you. You shall obtain the same caves, rivers, ravines, and villages they have. The DNA is shared by them of the map when sharing a Superflat preset with you.

Puzzle/Adventure Maps

Adventure or Puzzle maps are improved due to the Adventure Mode. If these maps were created by using in-game equipment they are such as a game-within-a-game. Experience or puzzle maps consist of obstacles that reach beyond the typical complications encountered in the standard Survival Mode and include puzzles for the participant to resolve that are more advanced than Survival Maps.

They often include a sophisticated back story also. If you are searching for a real problem, this is the ideal map type for you personally. To be able to create the illusion of advancement in the complete story, puzzle or adventure maps usually depend on redstone, command blocks, and various other in-game automations

Below are a few types of exciting puzzle maps:

Master’s Hospital Minecraft Puzzle Map

This map features custom mobs, a large number of completely unique puzzles, and a “hospital” filled with masters that are employing you as their guinea pig test subject. The map carries a clock that handles your fate also. The antagonists are continuously mocking plus they are prepared to laugh at your every misfortune. This Minecraft puzzle map is certainly made for multiple players.

Hoe-Craft Minecraft Puzzle Map

This map features just one single mission: to raise to a fresh level the humble gemstone hoe. The gemstone hoe is at the forefront of all ordinary things in this map, as nothing could possibly be achieved without it.

Clueless Minecraft Puzzle Map

This Minecraft puzzle map differs from various maps because there are no indicators. This leaves totally for you how you escape the accepted place what your location is stuck in.

Destiny Minecraft / Experience Puzzle Map

The Destiny Minecraft adventure / puzzle map is among the most enjoyable maps you can play. Destiny is certainly a map which will push you to function for a feeling of coherency. In this full era, this is often a good thing. To be able to play upon this map you are necessary a good feeling of stamina and all of your Minecraft puzzle solving abilities.

Sherlock Holmes Minecraft Experience / Puzzle Map

For the fans of the Sherlock Holmes character, a doze is added by this Minecraft puzzle map of Victorian taste. Also if don’t read the clues and you merely wander around, it will be worth indulging in nearly any experience or solving any off the puzzles. The download of the Sherlock Holmes Minecraft puzzle map could be fully justified just by the rendering of Victorian London by itself.

Chambers of JigSteve Minecraft Puzzle Map

This Minecraft puzzle map is founded on the movie “Saw”. There can be an oxygen of menace to it, even if it’s manufactured from snow mostly. At times you will discover yourself disoriented upon this map you, and you will be still left with the terrifying feeling that something poor is going to happen.

King Spoon’s Tomb Minecraft Experience / Puzzle Map

This Minecraft puzzle / adventure map brings you within an Egyptian tomb setting. For the neophyte traveler, King Spoon’s Tomb can be brimming with hazards. This is not a simple map to explore, moving away from its way to harm you in imaginative methods.

A Triumph of Minecraft PE Seeds

Today’s triumph, while a small one, was finding a really amazing Minecraft seed for Minecraft Pocket Edition. I have been playing Minecraft almost exclusively on my iPad now that it has added so many more of the features from the desktop version.

The featured screenshot is of a coastal village that you’ll find near the initial spawning point for the following Minecraft PE Seed:


Remember, this seed is only for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) and not the full desktop version.

Here’s a close-up of the buildings that you’ll find in the village.


There is also a nearby cave and somewhere deep down inside it you can easily find 6 blocks of Diamonds to get you going with a Diamond sword, pick axe, shovel, or anything else you’d like to craft.

Happy Minecrafting, everyone. Today’s find was definitely a triumph for me!