A Triumph of Minecraft PE Seeds

Today’s triumph, while a small one, was finding a really amazing Minecraft seed for Minecraft Pocket Edition. I have been playing Minecraft almost exclusively on my iPad now that it has added so many more of the features from the desktop version.

The featured screenshot is of a coastal village that you’ll find near the initial spawning point for the following Minecraft PE Seed:


Remember, this seed is only for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) and not the full desktop version.

Here’s a close-up of the buildings that you’ll find in the village.


There is also a nearby cave and somewhere deep down inside it you can easily find 6 blocks of Diamonds to get you going with a Diamond sword, pick axe, shovel, or anything else you’d like to craft.

Happy Minecrafting, everyone. Today’s find was definitely a triumph for me!





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