On Being An Amazing Writer

Starting to be a great writer translates to writing about all that occurs near you.

There are several measures that are vital while there’s no secret formula to being a great writer.

The very first step is trying to learn stand apart from folks, just how to relax and monitor carefully.

You realize the sort of individuals you detect standing in the corner in a party, observing everyone? Great writers really are a strain that is similar: they commonly choose to distance themselves in the group, discovering and take notes.

The writer’s job will be to articulate what she sees and experiences. This requires an ability to relax and focus so that nothing escapes her notice. It’s important not to rush the process, or force anything.

In other words, you have to learn to pay attention. Remember to observe everything around you: the curious gait of a stranger, the unique way the morning light catches a lover’s profile , how thinking about a childhood memory makes you feel.

There’s another reason that observing and noting your world is critical in becoming a good writer. The best writing is about conveying the truth; the observations you collect will help you to tell it.

Whether you believe that your observations will make good material isn’t important. Your main task will be to try to find the truth in what you ’ve found, and figure out the best way to use those observations in the story you want to tell. That way, the truth will naturally find its way into your writing.

Don’t be afraid to draw on past experiences as your main material. For example, take the time to reflect on and write about childhood and other memories. After all, as a writer, you’re lucky enough to look at life in any way you want to. You are able to turn like fallow ground, digging for the truth that is certainly buried deep within them over occasions in your memory.

Taking a vacation into your personal memory bank is warranted so long as you make certain to appear carefully and write from your own personal perspective as truthfully as possible. Hence you are required to analyze your self in exactly the same manner you analyze everything.


Planking for Fun

I don’t usually post about fitness and other exercise topics because, well, I hate exercise. For me the act of exercise is usually getting up out of my chair and grabbing another Mountain Dew.

But lately I’ve been trying out planking. I think I love it because it’s so simple in concept but so very, very hard to do for a long time. I’m pushing myself to see how long I can maintain a decent plank posture.

So far I am only at 3 minutes. But I’m aiming for 5 minutes and then maybe 10 if I get really good.

These guys totally have it down. Daily Scrum updates where you have to be in plank position the whole time. Lol.


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